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Rinet IT can get you online to promote your business and sell your products, complete with web design, hosting and a domain name.

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 Scope your project with Rinet IT Scope

Your site is designed with your business identity and target audience in mind.

If you're customer has an enjoyable time on your site they are more likely to buy.

With ease of use and great looks built into your site customers will be attracted and sales boosted.

Design project with Rinet ITDesign

A great site will reflect your business and what it does. We gather information about your business such as your logo, products or works, contact details and photos.

If you don't have a logo or photos Rinet IT can do a basic logo for you or for extra cost have one designed by one of our graphic designers. Photo sessions start from $100

Develop your project with Rinet ITDevelop

Your site is built according to the design and with the specifications and features that you want and those that Rinet IT have determined that you need to make it easy for your customers to use.

Throughout the build you will be shown samples giving you a chance to give your input into the final result.

Deploy your project with Rinet ITDeploy

With our economic hosting and domain registration services your site will be viewable by all from the internet.

Get ready to sell to the world!

Rinet IT can provide ongoing support to keep your site performing at its best. You won't be on your own.